2016 EMBROIDERY CLASSES       All Classes this year will finish with a morning tea and exhibition at Highbury House

                                                                                 on Thursday December 8th

                                                                                 If you would like to look at our beautiful work and  enquire about

                                                                                  next year’s classes please ring for an invitation

Embroidery classes for beginners to pros from NZ’s most established needlework suppliers, The EmbroidererAll classes are held at The Embroiderer in Birkenhead, Auckland (unless otherwise stated).

Please make sure you get a requirement list for your class.


Beginner’s Stitching with Joan

Sugar Sack Bag.

Tuesday 10-12am Term 4 begins 18th October

6 weeks $80.00

This class is the same as the Saturday class. See below for details. Suitable for those new to stitching, wanting a refresher or wanting to learn something different. Joan is a very inspiring teacher.


Stitch Me A Garden
Beginner’s Basics

Tuesday 1-3pm Term 4 begins 18th October

8 weeks $100

Stitch this little row of flowers and learn the basic stitches you need to progress to a more advanced class next year

beginner wreath



Learn what to bring to embroidery classes

Wool Embroidery
Wednesday 10- 12 am Term 4 Begins 19th October
8 weeks $100.00

Working with wool is  very relaxing and rewarding. It is a  simple way for beginners to learn surface stitchery and gain confidence as it is very forgiving and the results are quick and effective. As you advance there are a variety of more challenging directions you can follow.

Begin with a cushion or blanket choosing from a range of designs on offer. You will learn all the basic stitches and have help with designing your own project should you choose to do so.

More advanced stitchers will work  on a variety of crewelwork projects (Wool on LinenTwill) either your own design or choose from ours.


This class caters for all levels.

Talliferro CushionPaisley cushion

Wool Embroidery for Beginners

Wednesday Afternoon 1-3pm

7 weeks begins 19th October $90.00

Come and learn the basics of Embroidery working on wool or linen

There are a couple of spare places in this class.

Crewel Flowercrewel cushioncrewel panel

Learn what to bring to embroidery classes

Buttons and Biscornu

Thursday 10 -12 am Highbury House Term 4 begins 20th October
8 weeks $120

This term we will be working a series of small projects covering a variety of techniques. we will start with learning about Dorset Crosswheel Buttons and then move on to design our own covered buttons and a few other button techniques.

Then we will make a biscornu or pincushion using the Fisherton de la Mer technique.  If there is time we will move on to a few ideas for Christmas.

This class is suitable for intermediate  stitchers and there are some places for newcomers.



Learn what to bring to embroidery classes

Multi Technique Learning Experience
Friday 10- 12am.  Term 4 begins 21st October.  This class is full

8 weeks $100.00

Are you looking to move on from Cross Stitch? Are you self-taught and wanting to improve technique? Are you looking for inspiration and wanting to extend your skill set and maybe work outside your comfort zone? Do you want to learn embroidery but don’t know what you want?

In this class you will work through a series of four inch tiles and learn a whole range of techniques from counted thread stitching such as cross stitch, blackwork, canvas work, pulled thread, eyelets, surface techniques like goldwork, Elizabethan, crewel and also free style and multi media techniques.

At the same time you will explore a colour theme and learn to incorporate this into your collection. You will also work with a variety of threads and discover how they work.

At the end you will have a varied and interesting collection of tiles that you can arrange in many different ways. This class is suitable for any skill level as you will work to your own ability with expert guidance.

multi media tiles   4 inch tiles 3

Learn what to bring to embroidery classes



Sugar Sack Bag. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Saturday  1pm to 3 pm Term 4  begins 15th October. No class 22nd October (Labour weekend) or 19th November.
6 weeks $80.00
This class focuses on surface embroidery. It does not include counted stitch techniques.

This is a fun class learning surface embroidery. The tutor is Joan Hamilton who is very experienced and she will work with you to achieve your objective. You will be exploring how to use, translate and think about basic stitches and colour in a variety of ways.  This course does not include counted stitching.

This class needs a minimum of 4 to go ahead.

Joans sugarsack bag 3Joans sugarsack bag



Learn what to bring to embroidery classes

Monday Stitch Group 1-3 pm Knitting or Embroidery

This is new this year for those who have lots on the go and just need motivation.

Eight places. Book for a term of 8 weeks $25.00 Term 4 begins 10th October

Start the week off positively.

Got some  unfinished projects? Need some encouragement? Need to meet new people because none of your friends are into stitching?

Come and join a group of like-minded folk for an afternoon of stitching therapy. Order a tea or coffee from the café next door and make a regular date to work on your projects. Even 2 hours a week is a good start and it might spur you on to work on your needlework more at home too. It is just about setting aside the time and sometimes being away from the distractions and chores at home is just the answer.

No tutor but expert advice is available.


Weekly Embroidery Clinic
$15.00 per session.

The embroidery clinic is by appointment only. Please call (09) 419 0900 or email us.
Please get in touch at the beginning of the week to ensure that we have a place or that someone is here to help.

Embroidery Clinic activities:

  • Bring a project purchased from the Embroiderer that you need help with
  • Learn to knit and make your own beautiful garments for you or a baby in your life.
  • Want to learn Tapestry? Two lessons will have you on your way. Choose from our huge
    selection of Tapestry Kits and let us help you begin. You will be addicted in no time.
  • Having trouble with a particular stitch. Can’t master those French Knots. Let us help.
  • Learn cross stitch or make the move from Aida to Linen.

Learn what to bring to embroidery classes

The Fine Print

Payment must be made in full for each term before a place can be secured. We can pencil you in but your place is not guaranteed without payment and a paying customer will take precedence without notification. Classes at The Embroiderer are limited to 6 – 8 so please enrol early to avoid disappointment. Classes at Highbury House are limited to around 12 people.

Classes are the way we inspire and create new interest in the wonderful world of needlework. We aim to foster a love of the art of embroidery in a mutually supportive sharing of ideas and an eagerness to learn more. If the class doesn’t go ahead due to lack of numbers you will be refunded. A decision will be made a week before the class. All supplies , if you don’t already have them, should be purchased from The Embroiderer. We keep our class costs to a minimum so that we can pass on our skills. In return we’d appreciate you supporting our business. 

We want classes to be an enjoyable experience for everyone so please try and be on time and prepared. If you can’t make a class for any reason please make a courtesy call to inform us so we are not waiting for you. Everyone has times when they can’t come to class for holiday, sickness or other reasons. We understand this but unfortunately we can’t refund for missed classes. Nor can they carry over to the next term. Where possible we will help with a catch up but cannot guarantee that.

If there is something you would like to learn and it is not covered here please talk to us and we will see if we can help.